About NSU

Nordisk Samorganisation för Ungdomsarbete (NSU, English name Nordic Youth Association), founded in 1946, is an international non-governmental youth organisation contributing to European society development by youth work cooperation within the Nordic region and between the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe. NSU´s continuously work with inclusive, youth led and multicultural approach, and central society related themes are environment, health and education/work/entrepreneurship. NSU carries out its agenda by educational seminars, training, youth exchanges, study visits and campaigns.
NSU functions democratically. General Assembly take main decisions and the board carry our continuous management. The secretariat does administration and activity support. The activities are initiated and run by multinational teams of young people, who are NSU´s volunteers. NSU provides competence building for its volunteers, which enhance personal and professional growth for the young individuals and capacity building of NSU and its members.

Vision and Mission


NSU´s vision is, to be platform for Nordic versatile youth work, where competence development, inspiration and insight into current topics are created in an innovative and strong Nordic fellowship.


NSU's mission is to:
  • Collaborate and share good practice for contribution to the development of member organisations and partners.
  • Work with a high degree of youth participation.
  • Provide young people with competence and tools to develop themselves and the society.
  • Target issues that concern children, young people and the youth sector in the Nordic countries.
  • Create cohesion and quality development between activities.
  • Strengthen young people's Nordic identity and common fellowship.

Nordisk Samorganisation för  Ungdomsarbete


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Stusnäsvägen 102 c, 25870 Dragsfjärd, Finland