Do you want to engage in current social issues, develop your capacity and get new friends from the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to NSU´s educational seminars, training, youth exchanges, study visits and campaigns!

NSU's activities follow annual themes that are chosen based on what are currently the hot topics in society. The theme for 2017 was inclusion and for 2018 gender equality. In 2019, we worked according to the phrase "Smart Environment, Smart Lifestyle", which provided space for both activities on digitisation and skills development in youth work, and the opposite; a lifestyle without today's technology. The theme for 2020 is Health and for 2021 "Building Bridges for the Future”.

NSU is an NGYO actively present in the civil society. NSU is politically neutral but by its activities it offers framework for young people to increase their society engagement. We do this by annual programmes including:

- awareness raising activities where young people learn about a topic and then multiply their learning locally where the activity is held and/or online, and

- competence building activities for young people and youth workers to develop knowledge, skills and attitude needed for society engagement, inclusive NGYO management, facilitation by non-formal methods and personal growth.

By this activity format NSU increases youth engagement and active participation, as well as fosters development of competences. NSU´s multiplying events (fairs, public dissemination events) often require cross sectoral cooperation with institutions, municipalities and companies, which increase these stakeholders´ participation in the youth field.


We strive to use the Nordic languages ​​as much as possible in the activities to strengthen young people's Nordic language comprehension. As the Nordic countries become increasingly multicultural and some activities participants from the Baltics or other parts of Europe, activities are when necessary held in English, or in parallel in several languages. Most important is that we understand each other, right?

NSU´s member organisations has priority regarding the places at its activities, but in many activities are also external youth and youth workers welcome.

Thank you member organisations and funders for your support that make NSU´s activities reality!

Upcoming activities

Youth Week: The Best Version of Yourself

Postponed to 15-21 February 2020 due to covid-19, in Selfoss, Iceland

Do you want to...

... clarify your goals regarding studies or work?

... reach towards success in sports or other hobbies?

... train inner strength to overcome obstacles in life?

... be a supportive friend in good and bad times?


YES?! This is what NSU´s Nordic Youth Week 2020 will be about, so join us!

The participants are selected and we are in contact with them and their organisation about the practicalities.

Seminar: Northern Bridges

12-14 May 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia

Target group: Board members, employees and volunteers in Nordic and Baltic youth organisations.

The Seminar is linked to NSU´s 2021 theme "Building Bridges for the Future" and focuses on how youth organisations can address polarisation and exclusion in the society and how to increase the interaction between young people with different backgrounds.

This seminar in Tallinn will be held right before NSU:s General Assembly and 75 years anniversary in Helsinki, so seminar participants are welcome to participate also in the meeting.

The invitation will be published in February 2021.

Youth Week: History for the Future

5 programme days (+travel time) in July 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Target group: Young people, mainly from the Nordic countries, and priority is given to the age group 14-22. Also older youngsters are welcome and can be given a role in the leader team, according to the own competence level and interest.

The Seminar is linked to NSU´s 2021 theme "Building Bridges for the Future" and focuses on what we can learn from the history of the past 75 years and how we can use this learning to enhance a more inclusive and peaceful society in the future.

The invitation will be published in March 2021.

Courses, workshops and meetings

The dates and places are agreed with the participants

NSU will in 2021 arrange several courses, workshops and meetings to prepare and evaluate the other activities, create more content for the Dynamo online course and to make guidelines for the following years' activities. As these will be small scale activities, we will contact our members directly regarding recruitment of participants, and inform in social media and here on the page if there are places available.


Why participate in our activities?

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