Do you want to engage in current social issues, develop your capacity and get new friends from the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to NSU´s educational seminars, training, youth exchanges, study visits and campaigns!

NSU is an NGYO actively present in the civil society. NSU is politically neutral but by its activities it offers framework for young people to increase their society engagement. We do this by annual programmes including:

- awareness raising activities where young people learn about a topic and then multiply their learning locally where the activity is held and/or online, and

- competence building activities for young people and youth workers to develop knowledge, skills and attitude needed for society engagement, inclusive NGYO management, facilitation by non-formal methods and personal growth.

By this activity format NSU increases youth engagement and active participation, as well as fosters development of competences. NSU´s multiplying events (fairs, public dissemination events) often require cross sectoral cooperation with institutions, municipalities and companies, which increase these stakeholders´ participation in the youth field.


As support for the main activity forms, we have annually a preparation meeting and an dissemination/evaluation meeting to ensure good quality educational activities run by international teams, and documentation of learning outcomes for continuous improvement. In 2019 we additionally put emphasis on youth work quality development and strengthening of youth NGYO leadership.


NSU´s member organisations has priority regarding the places at its activities, but in many activities are also external youth and youth workers welcome.

Thank you member organisations and funders for your support that make NSU´s activities reality!

Upcoming activities

Dynamo Workshop 3

28 October - 1 November 2020 (incl. travel days) in Faroe Islands

Description: Small scale and intense workshop where 7-8 persons produce mudules for the digital course Dynamo in the format of short movies, podcasts, texts and graphical material. The modules will be based both on information NSU has gathered during the recent years and on knowledge the group have or find by studies.

Participant profile: Youth preliminary in the age 20-29 who are good at for ex. at making movies/podcasts, write/edit text, do graphic design, edit photos, do drawing or painting. 

Financial conditions: NSU covers accommodation and food, as well as reimburse travel costs up to set limits.

Download the INVITATION! 

Download the APPLICATION! 

Deadline for application passed, but write to if you are interested as places might be available if selected participants cancel.

Dynamo Employment

Extended until December 2020 due to COVID-19

Can you make short movies, podcasts, texts and graphic material?  Contact us so we can together find out in which way you could work with the Dynamo online course! 

Read more HERE!

Youth Week: The Best Version of Yourself

Postponed to 15-21 February 2020 due to covid-19, in Selfoss and Reykjavik, Iceland

Do you want to...

... clarify your goals regarding studies or work?

... reach towards success in sports or other hobbies?

... train inner strength to overcome obstacles in life?

... be a supportive friend in good and bad times?


YES?! This is what NSU´s Nordic Youth Week 2020 will be about, so join us!

Download the INVITATION! 

Download the REGISTRATION! 

The registration deadline extended to  is the 15th of November!

Call for leader team members for the Youth Week!

Postponed to 15-21 February 2021 due to covid-19, in Selfoss and Reykjavik, Iceland

Preparatory meeting (physical or online) in January 2021

As a leader you are part of the team that hold the programme at the Youth Week "The Best Version of Yourself", as well as help out with the practicalities. In this role you learn a lot while it is fun to interact in a Nordic team. See the call for the Youth Week for more details about the content.

We already have a big team, but it consists of only female leaders, so we would welcome 1-2 leaders who are male of of other gender. Priority is given to young people who have participated in one of  NSU´s leadership courses.

All costs for travel, food and accommodation both for the preparatory meeting and the Youth Week will be covered, but salary is not paid.

We search for leaders continuously until the team is filled. If you are interested, please contact Pia at NSU´s secretariat on the address


Why participate in our activities?

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