Nordisk Samorganisation för Ungdomsarbete (NSU), translated the Nordic Youth Association, is a non-governmental umbrella organisation for independent youth organisations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It was founded in 1946 and today includes 14 member organisations encompassing approximately 300,000 young people.

In close cooperation with its members, NSU coordinates non-formal learning activities, such as leadership youth weeks, courses, seminars and conferences. Part of the activities are for the member organisations´ youth workers and volunteers and part are directly for youth. The activities follow annual themes. The theme was social inclusion in 2017, is gender equality in 2018 and is smart life style in 2019. The methods we use often reflect the areas of our member organisations, such as outdoor activities, sports, theatre and drama, music, handicraft and other cultural expression.

NSU is a democratic organisation with the annually held General Assembly as its highest organ. The Board, consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chair, three board members and substitutes, runs the organisation around the year. The secretariat in Stusnäs, Finland, deals with day-to-day business.

NSU:s daily communication is normally in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, or a mix between these, but English is used according to need at activities along with that the Nordic countries become more multicultural and NSU become more active in the Baltic region. Usually we can also arrange translation from Finnish, Icelandic and Greenlandic. Therefore, if you don´t speak a Scandinavian language you are still warmly welcome to join our activities. We will find out a way to communicate!

You are welcome contact the NSU secretariat at

Vision och Mission


NSU´s vision is, to be platform for Nordic versatile youth work, where competence development, inspiration and insight into current topics are created in an innovative and strong Nordic fellowship.


NSU's mission is to:
  • Collaborate and share good practice for contribution to the development of member organisations and partners.
  • Work with a high degree of youth participation.
  • Provide young people with competence and tools to develop themselves and the society.
  • Target issues that concern children, young people and the youth sector in the Nordic countries.
  • Create cohesion and quality development between activities.
  • Strengthen young people's Nordic identity and common fellowship.

Nordisk Samorganisation för  Ungdomsarbete

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Stusnäsvägen 102 c, 25870 Dragsfjärd, Finland