NSU functions according to democratic principles and its leading bodies are the General Assembly and the Board. Please find read more below about these bodies.

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General Assembly and Board


General Assembly

The General Assembly is NSU's highest decision-making body and is held every year during a day in January-April. All NSU member organisations have the right to vote at the General Assembly.
The General Assembly reviews the past year's financial results, and decides on the next year´s budget and work programme. It also make decisions regarding memberships and elect the Board. When needed, the General Assembly address changes regarding NSU´s statues.


NSU´s Board consists of Chairperson, Vice-Chair and three Board Members, as well as Depute Members.
Rene Mejer Lauritsen (DK4H)
Sven Wamser (SdU)
Board membersr:
Petra Ingo (Fs4H)
Brandar Heðinsson (FUR)
Laars Saalik Henningsen (Sorlak)
Depute member:
Kolbrún Lára Kjartansdóttir (UMFI)

Nordisk Samorganisation för  Ungdomsarbete


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